Curating The Week: Sound Meditation, Steve Reich’s “Come Out”, Polyrhythmic Electronic Music



An article about sound meditation.

“There are sound meditation practitioners who are innovating, using synthesizers to help create a sound bath.”

An article about Steve Reich’s “Come Out.”

“Made in an era of mind-altering music and electronic effects, Come Out stands as psychedelic in its purest sense, finding something hallucinatory in the most basic of instruments. From these simple means an entire bewildering world of sound emerge, and the connotations of this transformation are vast.”

An article on Florian Meyer and polyrhythmic electronic music.

“After decades of 4/4 dominance (not least in the realms of house and techno) there seems to be an upsurge of new music seeking to break out of the rigid rhythmical structures that much of popular Western music is built on.”

And this video on Euclidean Rhythms. (At 3:25: “Using 7 and 12 along with an offset, results in a popular West African bell pattern used by the Ashanti in Ghana.”)

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