Curating The Week: Twin Peaks Music, Midori Takada, Virtual Singers


An article about Angelo Badalamenti’s music for Twin Peaks.

“There’s almost nothing going on but you’re taken to this fantastical, emotional, dramatic place. It’s like a Rothko painting: three colors arranged in the perfect way.”

An article on Japanese composer and percussionist Midori Takada.

“Midori Takada, a composer and percussionist in Japan who released a string of mindblowing records beginning in the 1980s, challenges that order. Many call her work minimalism; her interlocking patterns bring to mind Steve Reich, in particular. Her layers of rich textures and atmospheres are sometimes reminiscent of Brian Eno’s classic ambient work. Through it all, she created a sound that is uniquely her own.”

(Note: Nice marimba work from 12:10-20:10.)

• An article on virtual singers.

“Imagine not having to go through the hassle of booking human singers at the cost of $75 to $250 per song and getting release signatures.”

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