Curating The Week: The Language Of Flavor, Agnes Martin, The Impact Of Speech On Emotions


An article on the language of flavor.

“I think of smell as being one of the least objective experiences. Smell enters us. And one of the great virtues of smell is that it is so far removed from language. That makes them difficult to describe, but it also means that we naturally come upon them fresh and new. We each need to dig inside ourselves to find our own language to describe what we are smelling. There are few guides, few clichés: how often does that happen in the sensory world? The world of smell opens up as we open up to it, as we stay with smells long enough to let them work upon you.”

An article on the minimalist grid artist Agnes Martin.

“Unlike my problem with the sky—which resisted representation—Martin dispenses with mimesis altogether. After all, why paint the sky when the sky itself is a stand-in, when you can paint the feeling you get when you look at the world and realize there’s so much beauty in it that you haven’t yet seen? Her paintings evoke subtle feelings, feelings that seem trite—like Faraway Love and Friendship and Gratitude. But they are real, they are felt. They are even, astonishingly, earnestly, the titles of her paintings.”

An article on the impact of thoughts and speech on our emotions.

“Look at your own life where you use terms like ‘This is impossible’, ‘I can’t’, ‘I’m confused’, ‘This is too much’ or ‘I’m trying’. Each of these (and a litany of others), gives rise to certain emotional states (anger, frustration, resentment, hopelessness, etc), all of which work against you in your endeavours.”

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