Curating The Week: Awesomeness, Information Bottleneck, Music Apps


The philosophy of awesomeness.

“I arrived at the view that being awesome is being good at creating ‘social openings’—moments of mutual appreciation between people when they break out of their norms and routines by expressing their individuality in a way that gets others to express theirs. Someone sucks when they reject a social opening for no good reason.”

An article about how “information bottleneck” is the key to deep learning.

“According to [Naftali] Tishby, who views the information bottleneck as a fundamental principle behind learning, whether you’re an algorithm, a housefly, a conscious being, or a physics calculation of emergent behavior, that long-awaited answer ‘is that the most important part of learning is actually forgetting.’”

An article about Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) and using music apps to self-medicate.

“NMT as practiced today is based on two main principles. The first is music’s ability to stimulate a whole range of different parts of the brain. ‘There’s no other stimulus on earth that provides such a global activation of our brains as music,’ Harris says. The second is that music helps with neuroplasticity, that is, the way our brains constantly create new connections and strengthen old connections throughout our lives. Harris says research has even proven that music helps the brain heal itself by creating these new connections.”

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