Curating The Week: Creativity, Colleen, Kodwo Eshun


• A short video about creativity versus conformity.

An interview with musician Colleen.

“Stone carving taught me that the important thing is to work. My teacher started her day at eight. She worked in a very small garden in suburban Paris. No computer, no internet, nothing. I thought, This is how you get things done. Stone carving is a very slow process. You can only produce a sculpture if you dedicate days to it. This helped reconnect me to this essential prerequisite for making music.”

• An awesome talk by Kodwo Eshun about writing about music.

“I’m trying to provide a map and trying to navigate a future that is unfolding week by week, trying to construct a language for a future that is happening before you. But that’s in tension with another impulse, that’s sometimes unspoken, sometimes unwritten…It’s a kind of demiurgic will-to-power by which the writer is not just mapping culture around them, but in some way steering, and in some way leading culture, in some way forging the very language of what culture will be…This aspiration, which goes far beyond reviews, begins where the consumer-service aspect of music writing stops.”

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