On Web Searches That Brought You Here: A.R. Ammons, Rihanna, Quadraphonic Sound


a poem is a walk summary. This search query found my post on A.R. Ammons’ magnificent essay on the phenomenology of poetry. Ammons’ observations on poetry apply equally to music: “What we want to see a poem do is to become itself, to reach as nearly perfect a state of self-direction and self-responsibility as can be believably represented. We want that for people too.” My post is here.

dialogue between me and singer in English. This search query is in reference to one of my most read blog posts—a Ventrilo-Dialogue with Rihanna. In this (fictional) conversation we discuss the voice and other things. My post is here.

what happened to quadraphonic. This search query found my post on quadraphonic sound. Why didn’t it last, you ask? “Was it just too expensive and cumbersome?  Was it because its various formats were incompatible with one another?  Or did folks somehow collectively decide that stereo was good enough?” My post is here.

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