Freestyle: Sampling A Thought


Put an idea into the Grid sampler to hear what happens:


It’s a two-part sound, a high tone followed by a lower one: happens.

The ha sustains a pitch,

while the ppens falls off after the plosive
with a slight downward pitch bend.

Isolate the ha and assign it to a pad.

Drum it:


Its semantic word sense is gone, replaced by a free-floating sound sense.

Drum the isolated syllable—ha-ha-haha—ha-ha—haha—to make a rhythm of it.

It’s the sound of someone laughing now, a finger drummer’s puppet.

Make it a 3:2 clave rhythm: Ha-ha-ha—ha-ha—.

Play to a click to sequence the rhythm, to affix it to the Grid.

Now the ha is free of happens,
turned into a looping laughing.

It’s cool and it’s useless at the same time.

Now what do you do?

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