Curating The Week: Mouse On Mars, Carlos Kleiber, A Watchmaker


An article about Mouse On Mars.

“Music is a strong anarchic force,” Mr. St. Werner said. “It’s probably our last bastion of anarchic wilderness, that trace of nature that keeps just growing, keeps crossbreeding, keeps immigrating and migrating and cross-fertilizing and expanding our perceptual apparatus. It’s also a great means for orientation and for bonding with other people. We don’t have to think about music, we don’t have to talk about the term. Eventually we’ll find it, or it will find us.”

An article about Carlos Kleiber.

“Kleiber’s ‘bedside book’ was the Zhuangzi, an ancient text written by Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zhou. He was particularly consumed by one phrase: ‘Leave no trace,’ or, to quote the line in full, ‘The Perfect man leaves no traces of his conduct.’”

A video about watchmaking.

“If you practice something, then it becomes your life. Whatever you spend your time on, it’s all you have.”


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