Arrows Of Attention: Sports Talk As Creative Self-Help


I hung in there.

I hit some Quality shots.

I gave myself some chances.

I had a good routine and a good process—just sticking to the same old deal.

I just need to trust my shots.

I had some good looks today.

I need to make sure I’m in the right frame of mind,
trusting what we’re trying to do and not second-guessing anything.

You’re always making little compensations.

Once you decide that you’re ok with the worst-case scenario, you can start to think about what happens if ‘I apply myself and start to play well and get out of my own way.’

It’s important to keep picturing the shot you know you can do.

If you play your best you play out of control–there is no fear of the result.

 The important thing is to stay patient, to trust the process, and continue doing the work.

Angle matters.

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