Lessons From Composing Music Adapted To Writing


“So how did I learn to write? From listening to music.
And what’s the most important thing in writing?
It’s rhythm.”
– Haruki Murakami

Begin with something simple, even obvious,
then complexify it to turn it into something else.

From a single idea generate multiple parts and variations.

Build a form, gradually, by introducing one new idea at a time.

Articulate themes with clarity.

Introduce noise and dissonance into the equation.

Connect what’s happening now to what just transpired.

Devise continuous transformations.

Pay attention to transitions between sections.

Reference earlier works.

Consider counterpoint.

Keep a steady pace, but subdivide and multiply that tempo.

Play with repetition to create aura.

Remix as you go along.

Be guided by what is lively (Nassim Taleb).

Use dynamics as contrast to maintain interest.

The “argument” is in your way of telling.

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