Resonant Thoughts: Nick Papadimitriou’s “Scarp” (2012)


“This book is…an inquiry undertaken in order to systematically ‘feel out’ the presence of my subject matter as it brushes against the consciousness…I will reconstruct the ghostly voices I hear while walking on Scarp in an attempt to relate my own story to theirs, to locate my own voice and sensations in the ones that came before me.”

“The deeper implication is that the world that confronts us through our immediate surroundings is alive and intrinsically valuable
in ways not amenable to instrumental reasons or economic reductionism” (10-11).

“I used walking as an instrument of research,
the aim being to step straight through the cracks in the apparent world” (24).

“Proximity flight: that’s what I call this using of environment to trigger mental journeys to another place and time in which the same stimuli can be found. I find it lifts my sense of the environment out of its codified framework and into fresh possibilities of interpretation, my eyes wiped clean by the resultant defamiliarisation” (44).

“I hit the underlying circuitry, the pulse-energy that pushes up to manifest” (63).

“I always approach my chosen subject from a position of near total ignorance…
I never seem to gain the accretion of knowledge
that would enable me to declare myself an expert” (78).

“Which aspect of the experiential field
serves as the sine qua non for understanding a place?” (79)

“organic interface between the human world
and processes of longer and deeper duration” (80).

“Deep topography is concerned primarily with the experience of place,
not its description” (253).

Nick Papadimitriou, Scarp (2012)

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