Action And Better Action


Play a drum fill, withhold the fill.

Resolve the chord, leave it hanging.

Round out the mix, thin it.

Try it again, use this first take.

Introduce the section, get right to it.

Build a composite, keep it stratified.

Steady beat, fluctuating rhythm.

Manage the mood, mix the emotions.

The right way, what about this way?

Relating to the canon, building its own repertoire.

Part-based, texture-based.

Clearly stated, ambiguous.

Simultaneous, call and response.

Disparate themes, chips off a single block.

Muted, faded out.

Copy and paste, copy then mangle (then paste).

Close enough, still not refined enough.

Like the last time, singular.

Micromanage, let the system produce it.

Write sober, edit sober, listen sober.

Ask what it all means, figure out what it needs.

Consistent timbre, variable timbre.

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