Trusting Music

Once in a while
when the music plays
I have the sensation
beyond the notes
of being guided

towards giving up
my sense of direction
leaving the navigation
to the composer
who has a plan

for reminding me
how to follow not lead
believe in the gesture

as if an unspoken lesson
is that listening to music
is trusting over time.

Miles Turns His Back



Miles turns his back
on us because his playing
isn’t to entertain
but for himself
on music’s own terms

and tells us
not to fear mistakes
because there are none
when you’re making
something from nothing

so it’s not that he doesn’t care—
in playing the horn he cares so much
he’s already figured out what we’ll someday understand.



It sounds new age (it’s not)
instead of an exceptional technique,
gifts of novice:

that first time when
you don’t know what
you’re doing so
head first you dive
into its rhythm

(a bypassing move)

swift and sure
trusting form is sound
context becomes clear
means generate ends

because this first time
practice beats theory
and what you don’t know
is already enough.