Less And More Music Production Heuristics


Less predictable.
More unusual.

Less smooth.
More textured.

Less even.
More jagged.

Less new.
More weathered.*

Less obvious.
More nuanced.

Less automated.
More considered.

Less quantized.
More error.

Less looped.
More change over time.

Less rushed.
More taking its time.

Less prefab.
More customized.

Less trying to impress.
More trying to explore.

Less boring.
More interesting.

Less doing it the right way.
More doing it every and any way.

Less relating to what you’ve already done.
More imagining what you might do yet.

Less hoping it will soon be finished.
More fixing what is not yet right. 

Less you.
More the echoes of your doing.

 (*Optional reading: Leonard Koren, Wabi-Sabi.)

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