2 thoughts on “No. 69

  1. Love the reverb* on that pad and that low glitchy “bass” part. I have sometimes chosen to get close to that bass timbre with muting on electric bass while tracking live, but the buzzy overlay adds something else.

    *Sounds like this remind me of the oft-told anecdote of the engineer running out of the studio in protest when Phil Lesh requested that some part they were recording should sound like “heavy air.”

    1. Yeah–I also like reverbs that add immense texture. I like the Lesh’s “heavy air” idea too–talk about a Wall of Sound.

      Devising ways to “dirty up” sounds in recording is a great timbral adventure. About your bass: reminds me of Jon Hopkins advising to “distort” one’s sonic artifacts, “then distort them again” to explore and amplify that world. The right kind of bass almost replaces the need for percussion too.

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