Resonant Thoughts: Ikonika On Arrangements

“I’m trying to exhaust what I’ve got. I’m trying to keep things simple, and build layers, basically. And so when I make a tune, I will concentrate on 8 bars at a time. But that first 8 bar loop has to bang for me, and I have to be able to listen to that loop over and over again in different rooms around the flat…I have to see the potential of it, and it has to say something to me, it has to communicate with me. 

What I actually like to do is have an overloaded 8 bar loop and then spread it out across 3 to 4 minutes or whatever, and get that arrangement done. And sometimes with my songs, all you’ll get is just melodies arranged, with no drums. Maybe hi hats, because I hate listening to the metronome…So I need something that’s going to set the tone, so a little hi hat will do a lot for me. 

I’ll get the arrangement done, and then I’ll start, one by one, choosing a sound. I’ll just want to focus on one sound at a time, and make sure that that sound is worth it, basically. And it just goes from there, until I can’t fill the space anymore, until everything’s gone and it’s filled to the max. That’s my idea of production.

Little simple things just build up. That’s it.” 


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