Resonant Thoughts: Autechre On Building Things

“I quite like to build things and then forget how it works and then use it later on, and not really be able to remember what I was thinking about when I built it. It’s a little bit like working with yourself in a way, but from a time when you’re not aware of what you were thinking. You can get reacquainted with it in a sense, like you would with a person.”

Sean Booth, Autechre

2 thoughts on “Resonant Thoughts: Autechre On Building Things

  1. Hello Thomas. The reason that I am here is I stumbled on an excerpt from a paper you wrote on networks of Autechre fans, which seems fitting. I really like your blog and I am also waiting to see what comes down the pipe from the boys from Manchester. What I like most about Autechre fandom is the pundits picking apart scant interviews and attempting to magnify that which is already being seen close up, in my view.

    Sort of the opposite of what Bill Callahan does by explaining his dream in

    I think some producers of sound(I don’t really think that these guys are, or think they are, artists) will send out interview decoys to smoke up the screen and obscure the possibility of primed readings, but I reckon these geysers are simply carefree. Also, the language of abstraction is very hard to learn and handle and I think they work too hard to engage in rhetoric. Gescom played in Cape Town(home) many years ago and I saw the appealing work ethic they had-they really worked during the set and were totally oblivious to their audience.

    Do you have high hopes for the release? I am nothing short of obsessed with Autechre and I have been since the 90s. In fact, I think I have inadvertently built up a complex hi-fi system that is geared specifically for listening to Autectre, although I listen very widely like you.

    I am glad that your mention of the duo has sparked me to write because I have been wanting to introduce you to my friend Felix Laband’s music and the Aperture issue on sound.

    Try and listen to Felix’s Album called ‘Dark Days Exit’ on .flac or .wav and here’s a link to Aperture’s Sound Issue.

    I really hope that contrary to the reviews ae’s album is emoish.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment David and for those reading/listening links. I agree with your assessment about AE–“I think they work too hard to engage in rhetoric” and the proof, of course, is in their spectacularly subtle sounds. I too am looking forward to their latest release, and I’m discussing them in a book I am writing, scheduled for release early next year.

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