Curating The Week: Melting Ice Music, Technology’s Existential Threat, Reading Well

• A documentary about the A World Without Ice exhibit. (Thanks to R. Hartenberger for the link.)

“When you watch ice melt, it doesn’t really make a lot of sound on its own. So I froze some ice and put a drum underneath that and it sounded good.”

“In this piece there is a certain amount of specific chaos going on with the drums: there’s five drums and they all drip at different rates and we have no control over that. In the same way there’s a certain kind of fractal probability with what’s going on in Antarctica.”

An interview with Jaron Lanier about technology’s existential threat.

“As we enter an era where nothing means anything because it’s all just about power, intermediation and influence, it’s very hard to put ideas out and very easy for them to come across not as intended.”

“I do believe that our survival depends on modifying the internet–to create a structure that is friendlier to human cognition and to the ways people really are.”

An essay by Paul Graham about the need to read.

“Reading about x doesn’t just teach you about x; it also teaches you how to write.”

“You can’t think well without writing well, and you can’t write well without reading well. And I mean that last ‘well’ in both senses. You have to be good at reading, and read good things.”

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