Arrows Of Attention: A Musical Phenomenology

A musical phenomenology:

a writing that sings its analysis,
generates its lexicon,
and blooms its concepts
from the sounds it encounters.

Writing that follows the paths of melodies and rhythm cycles,
feels the textures of sounds,
connects the substance with the style.

Writing that describes, evokes, conjures, summons, and elicits music’s affective presence.

Writing that revels in music’s sensual, tactile, transient, and resounding terrain.

Writing that takes music’s measure without counting.

Writing that foregrounds music’s negative space,
hears its inherent rhythms,
tracing what’s unsaid.

Writing that augments and amplifies music’s experience.

Writing that performs, not theorizes, music’s enchantments.

Writing that catches music’s vibrations,
alive at many levels at once.

Writing that suspends disbelief that music is magic.

A musical phenomenology:

a writing attuned
to musical energy,
mystery and aura,
structure and gestures,
grain and dimensionality,
surfaces and depths,
shape-shifts and metamorphoses.

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