Curating The Week: MP3s, Critical Feedback, AI Sound Design


An article about the effects of the MP3 compression format on music’s perceived emotional characteristics.

“The results showed that MP3 compression strengthened neutral and negative emotional characteristics (things like Shy, Scary, Sad) and weakened positive emotional ones (like Happy, Romantic, Calm). Interestingly, the characteristic Anger was relatively unaffected. The study suggested that the background ‘growl’ added by MP3 compression was the source behind the negative trend.”

An article by an academic about the subtle meanings of critical feedback.

“Feedback is a psychological honeytrap. When giving feedback, you can never tell how the recipient will interpret what you have said, and what they will read into it. And, let’s be honest guys, what we read into feedback often says more about us than about the feedback.”

An article about using AI to invent new sounds.

“They’re producing entirely new sounds using the mathematical characteristics of the notes that emerge from [two different instruments]. And they can do this with about a thousand different instruments—from violins to balafons—creating countless new sounds from those we already have, thanks to artificial intelligence.”

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