Curating The Week: Creative Work, Style And Monoculture, Ambient Church Music


An article about creative work.

“Resist the urge to judge your art prematurely, or to abandon it altogether. Just welcome what comes, and let it be that simple.”

An article about style and monoculture.

“Since the early 1990s, Eijkelboom has surreptitiously photographed pedestrians in urban settings, for no longer than two hours in each location. The resulting image grids reveal not only the way styles fluctuate over time (remember flannels?) but also the broader assimilation of street fashion into a kind of homogenized transnational monoculture. In short, the unhindered flow of global commerce has left us all wearing the same thing.”

An article about ambient church music.

“He would rather call these events ‘community experiences’ (and never ‘concerts’), where, he believes, ‘large groups of people can focus on channeling something greater than themselves.’”

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