Freestyle: Music Aphorisms


The louder the music, the harder it is to listen to it.

Music silences verbal thinking, offering it another medium.

Music is vibration’s grand invention.

People are like tuning forks—always catching and matching one another’s vibes.

Big data misunderstands the nature of your musical tastes.

Music playlists are covert forms of style discrimination.

Four-on-the-floor beats reduce any music’s expressive options—literally boxing it in.

Music that’s immune to repetition’s deleterious effects
(e.g. rendering something less interesting over time)
is the music most worth your listening time.

After the fact, musical style can be mapped as a linear progression,
but that’s not how it’s evolving right now.

Music soundtracks suggest that we always need help
interpreting the emotional undercurrents of a situation.

Rhythmically complex music and melodically complex music
are like stories about themselves,
teaching us how to track multiple characters at the same time.

The quieter the music, the more resonant its gestures.

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