Curating The Week: Facebook, Learning, Reality Distortion 


An article about Facebook. (I recommend reading this in its entirety.)

“Facebook’s mission used to be ‘making the world more open and connected’. A non-Facebooker reading that is likely to ask: why? Connection is presented as an end in itself, an inherently and automatically good thing. Is it, though?”

An article about Rafael Nadal’s coach and learning.

“’I’m interested, most of all, in the question of learning,’ Toni Nadal, 58, said. ‘For me the only thing that makes me stand out from some other coaches is that when I go into the locker room, as I did just now, I might tell Rafa he played very well, but my idea is always what can we do to make him better, even better. I’m telling him, look at Federer, look at the way he’s playing. You need to be more at the net. You need to be more aggressive from the start, and this approach I’ve applied to everything in my own life. It’s a question of principle, really.'”

An article on exercise, reality distortion, and time perception.

“Time is flowing in the usual way no matter how deep you dig. But what about perceived time? Is your ability to estimate how long it takes, say, five seconds to pass distorted?”

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