Searches That Brought You Here


“Poets wear sombreros.” This search is a reference to a line in one of my favorite Wallace Stevens poems, “Six Significant Landscapes” (1916). The line–which actually reads “rationalists would wear sombreros”–appears at the end of the sixth and final stanza:

“Rationalists, wearing square hats,
Think, in square rooms,
Looking at the floor,
Looking at the ceiling.
They confine themselves
To right-angled triangles.
If they tried rhomboids,
Cones, waving lines, ellipses —
As, for example, the ellipse of the half-moon —
Rationalists would wear sombreros.”

I have written about music in Stevens’ poetry here.

“Orchestras with pop singers.” This search could be about the practice of popular musicians (e.g. Peter Gabriel, Metallica) collaborating on orchestral arrangements of their music, which I describe in my post here.

“Times Square ground.” This search could be about the underground sound art installation piece at the corner of 45th and Broadway. The piece is called “Times Square” and was created by (percussionist) Max Neuhaus (1939-2009). I wrote about the piece in my post here.

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