Curating The Week: Leftfield Dub, The Secret Happy Chord, Ambient Music At 40


An article on leftfield dub.

“Certain operators in the electronic diaspora can be found exploring dub studio practices to create idiosyncratic music that feels inherently spawned from the heritage of soundsystem music without adhering to any particular rules.”

An article on the “secret” chord for songs that sounds happy.

“Unexpectedly, [the researchers] found that seventh chords—chords with four different notes rather than the usual three—had an even higher association with positive words, even in the case of minor seventh chords.”

An assessment of ambient music after 40 years.

“Since 1978, ambient has achieved a considerable legacy, offering a fertile ground upon which many divergent musical crops have been tended and cultivated. Its ability to refuse didacticism – the idea that the music should convey some kind of information or instruction – has remained a critical function of its success. Ambient proposes a chance for an open, impressionistic encounter that welcomes a wide array of potential readings, tailoring the music to individual situations and listenings.”

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