Resonant Thoughts: Jane Brox’s “Silence” (2019)


“‘Silence…stands outside the world of profit and utility,’ wrote Max Picard. ‘It cannot be exploited for profit, you cannot get anything out of it.’ Its relationship to time is far more complex than the simple march of hours allows, and is perhaps, in the end, best likened to fruitfulness. ‘It is not so much the equal measure of the hours, which is the same in every day, which connects one day with another,’ remarked Picard, ‘but the equal measure of the silence with which each day is newly born.’ Silence ‘does not develop or increase in time, but time increases in silence. It is as though time had been sown into silence, as though silence had absorbed it; as though silence were the soil in which time grows to fullness.’”

– Jane Brox, Silence (2019), p. 98.

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