Curating The Week: Genealogies Of Learning Percussion, The Import And Export Of Ideas, Lou Harrison


• An essay on genealogies of learning: reflections on learning percussion by my percussion teacher, Russell Hartenberger, who writes about his teacher, Alan Abel. 

“In my lessons, Mr. Abel played everything with me, providing the perfect template for learning. As I played, I would imitate the movement of his hands and try to duplicate the sound he produced.”

• An essay about the import and export of ideas from Samuel Arbesman’s newsletter. 

“This is an example of the import and export of ideas. It’s the ability to take scientific concepts, technologies, or theoretical frameworks from one domain and apply them to entirely different ones. And as the world has become more specialized, this ability has become that much more important. It helps reduce reinvention of ideas, and shows that there are certain fundamentally similar insights that stretch across fields.”

A documentary about composer Lou Harrison.

“Henry Cowell introduced me to ‘world music’ and to the idea that every major world culture had a music and that they were all interesting and all perfectly valid.”

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